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Emerge From The Herd and you will find, contentment, joy, and peace of mind.

On the whole humans have the view that we are the superior species compared with other animals, a view that we base on our larger brains. Yet we overlook the fact that the process by which we learn to function, survive and generally operate day to day is basically the same.

All that extra brain capacity is like massive storage space which we start to fill from the moment of our birth, bit by bit, little by little. But not everything which gets stores is to our benefit, and some of it has the potential to seriously impact our lives in rather unhelpful ways.

So that’s the bad news! The good news is that a greater understanding of what we have in common with other mammals can lead to us operating as better humans. And this in turn allows us to discover what we are really capable of, and who we were truly meant to be.

It can lead to us falling back in love with life, confident that we can cope with whatever comes our way, whatever it may be. It teaches us that feelings of contentment and being comfortable in our own skin are readily available to us. And most of all it allows us to find peace of mind more and more frequently.

To Emerge From The Herd is to uncover how to really use your humaness for it’s true purpose, to create your life your way. To be the one leading your dance of life.








Pied Piper

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

We are wired from birth to do what is necessary for our survival, as are all species. And like all other species, we have everything already inside us to give as the best possible chance of doing so.

Yet a vast majority of us really don’t feel like that’s the case. We see ourselves as small, powerless, destined to live lives of fear, worry, and dissatisfaction. We can feel overwhelmed, lost, hopeless.

How is it that our view of what’s possible for us is so far removed from our true potential? Why do so many of us judge ourselves as less than, not good enough, unworthy?


It turns out that the human power of thought,  our ability to conceptualise, and some of the animal instincts which reside unseen within us, can lead us to come to a seemingly endless list of generally unpleasant conclusions about ourselves (and others). As a result of which we end up living within the story of our beliefs about who we areand what we believe we are capable of, rather than from our true unlimited potential.

But no matter how lost any of us have become in our particular story of us, no matter what has occured along way which has led us to believe in our imperfections and brokenness, gaining an understanding of how it was created in the first place has the power to free us from it’s apparent constraints, fill us with aliveness, and put us back in the game.







































Which just leaves you to decide:

If you could see that what you thought had been holding you back was nothing more than a very real feeling illusion, what would you want to do, what might you love to create, where would you be excited to go?

If that imaginary fence were to fall, how would you choose to live your life?

Freedom is knowing you have nothing to prove.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.


– George Bernard Shaw